Some of the vocabulary that may be used in therapy include but not limited to:  Thinking with your eyes, whole body listening, group plan, flexible thinking, expected/unexpected, hidden rules, body in the group, social detective, smart/wacky guess, people files, and so many more.

What is Social Learning?

Social Vocabulary

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Therapeutic Approach

social skills thinking

  • Social attention
  • The thinking behind social skills
  • Understanding of others thoughts and feelings as it relates to your own actions
  • Sharing space with others effectively
  • Social problem solving
  • How your spoken language impacts others thoughts and feelings towards you
  • Perspective taking

Group Therapy

Social skills therapy can be done 1:1 or in small groups of 2-4 students. Groupings are based on the different levels of the social mind and not put together based on age and/or diagnosis. 

The strategies for Social Learning that I incorporate into my practice are from Social Thinking® as I have advanced training using the social thinking treatment framework and the Social Thinking® Dynamic Assessment.